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Tips for Attending a Bridal Show

Navigating Wedding Expos Successfully

Bridal shows are a wonderful resource for brides and grooms planning their wedding. Navigate the crowd successfully with these tips and tricks.

Bridal shows and wedding expos offer one-stop shopping for brides and grooms. They provide anywhere from twenty vendors to hundreds of vendors all in one convenient location. But wedding shows can be crowded, with hundreds of couples, mothers, and bridal parties all competing for the same attention from each vendor’s booth. Consider the following suggestions to make your visit to a bridal expo event easy, stress-free, and successful.

Set Up a Wedding Email Account

In the early stages of wedding planning, consider setting up a wedding email account through a free online email service, such as Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail. Not only will it be convenient to receive all wedding-related communication through one account, but it will be helpful in keeping your regular email free of unsolicited email. You can also use it down the road, when offering guests a way to RSVP to your event.

Most vendors at bridal shows want to collect your information. Save yourself time and writer’s cramp by printing up address labels at home prior to arriving. Some wedding expos offer this service when you arrive, but coming prepared will save you money, too. Each label should have the names of both the bride and groom; the preferred mailing address information should be sent to, the wedding email account, and your wedding date. While you may consider adding your phone number, keep in mind that this gives the vendor permission to call you. Save yourself from unsolicited marketing calls by adding your phone number only if you are truly interested in hearing from the vendor by phone.

The Two-Bag Buddy System

Every vendor wants your business, and they’ll be prepared to hand you a remarkable amount of promotional material. Bring one large tote bag to store all of the information in which you are truly interested, and have a friend bring another. When you receive information from a vendor who doesn’t offer something you’d like to learn more about, put it in your friend’s bag. When you get home, you won’t have to sift through a large amount of ads. You’ll already know which stack should head right to the recycling bin.

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